Fireworks With FemalesWhen you’re interested in someone it’s easy to talk to others about them. Unfortunately, once the connection finally happens, you seem to be at a loss for words because you have no idea what to talk about with girls. It reminds us of this stage play where two people are sitting at a coffee shop trying to have a conversation. Whenever they run out of things to say there is an uncomfortable pause, they press the bell, and then start over trying to make it work.

It’s extremely entertaining because there are so many guys out there who struggle to talk with girls. Today we’re going to give you a few quick tips on what to talk about with girls so that you can turn it all around.

Tip #1 The Opening Act

Breaking the ice is the hardest part when it comes to talking with girls. If you’re out on a date with her, make sure you take her somewhere that you know and have experienced. This way you can talk about the restaurant in the beginning, which will move to different foods you both like, etc. etc. Once you get past the initial 10 minute warm-up, everything else will be downhill from there.

If you’re walking across the room to start talking with her, there is one question that gets them almost every time; “How do I look?” Most of the time they giggle or don’t know what to say. It’s pretty funny actually, and something you might consider using. However, you will need step 2 in order to make it work.

Tip #2 Not too Hot, not too Cold… Just Right!

Confidence is one of the most important components a man has to have in order to talk with girls. Just remember not to confuse this with arrogance because she will shutdown in a heartbeat.

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Even if you make contact and she turns you down, be mildly persistent. If you simply walk away then she won’t think you have any confidence at all. Plus, when you’re confident you can talk about anything that is respectful.

Tip #3 Turn the Tables

Even though this is primarily “what to talk about with girls,” the trick is getting her to open the door. Ask her some questions, but make sure they don’t revolve around “what do you do,” “where do you work,” or “do you come her a lot?” Those can come later (leave the last one out), but for now you need to be creative.

In order for her to open up, tell her she reminded you of someone you used to know. Most of the time the girls will say; “Is that good or bad?” This opens the door to your conversation. Later on you can slip and tell her why you originally came over. Most likely, she will reply by saying; “I know.”

It’s a simple game we all have to play, but if you can master your approach the rest is easy. Those who are charming, yet witty; confident, yet humble will be able to find plenty of things to talk about with girls.