Fireworks With FemalesMany of the ways on how to start a conversation advised by my friends today are boring and overplayed. Even the idea of simply saying “hello” is overplayed today, though it was one a novel idea to many guys. To help you start thinking of your own ways to start a conversation with a girl, we have a few creative ideas to offer up. Add to this list with your imagination and you will never again have to approach a girl in a dull fashion.

Conversation Starter #1: Pretend you are doing a dare from your friends and simply ask for her help.

If you are out with friends and come across a girl you would love to approach, this is one of those creative ways to start a conversation with a girl that can be used over and over. Go over to her and say that your friends dared you approach a beautiful girl and ask her an inappropriate question.

Of course, you explain that you respect her too much to do that but want to win the bet, so you are simply asking for her help. If she agrees, tell her to act shocked like he just said something incredibly inappropriate. You may even want to give her permission to slap you, all in the name of winning the bet.

You need your friends to play along from their end of the party, but what this approach does is put the girl on your side. You are showing that you are a gentleman and good guy because you didn’t actually say the inappropriate thing and you are approaching her in a fun, lighthearted manner.

This technique breaks the ice so every time you make eye contact with her throughout the night you will both smile. You have a secret and something of value has been shared between you. You can then approach her again with a sense of familiarity.

Conversation Starter #2: Tell her an obscure fact that is interesting, quirky, and completely irrelevant.

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl is to catch her off guard. There are many conversation starters and pick-up approaches that most women are very familiar with, but if you come up to a girl with something completely fresh and original it will catch her off guard which means you catch her attention.

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The easiest way to do this is to find some interesting fact and use it as a conversation starter. This could be a fact about turtles, mountain lions, or a statistic found on some government website. Think of things you are interested in or go online and browse through websites listing unbelievable facts. You will find some quirky facts to share with girls and catch them off guard.

Conversation Starter #3: If you can get her number, try to text your way into a conversation.

Most girls live on their phones and other electronic devices today, so why not embrace this part of the modern world? Try to catch her friend when she steps away from the group and get the girl’s phone number. You can also ask your own friends to get a number if someone knows the girl of your interest.

Rather than approaching her eye-to-eye, send her a message stating she looks nice today. Comment on the specific color of her shirt or the jewelry she is wearing so she looks around to see who is watching her. When she finds you something magical may happen.