Fireworks With FemalesMen who approach women they don’t know are either incredibly brave, overly confident, or perhaps downright stupid. You’ve watched so many of these men approach women only to get turned down in a not-so-impressive manner. It has contributed to your own insecurity and made you gun shy when it comes to approaching women yourself.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time for a quick refresher course on the best way to meet women. You don’t have to be brave, overly egotistical, or stupid to approach women. You just have to use the following three step approach to ensure your approach is well timed and effectively executed.

Step #1: Only approach women in the right locations and at the right time.

The first mistake men make when trying to pick up women is to approach them in a location or at a time that they are not open to the approach. When women are picking their children up at day care or rushing through the grocery store on their lunch break they aren’t going to give you a second glance, let alone a phone number. They don’t have time to honestly assess your worth because they are busy.

Now, consider the mood of a woman sitting leisurely in a bookstore coffee shop sipping something refreshing. Consider the mood of a woman relaxing poolside people watching on her day off work. These women are in a more relaxed position and will be more open to men who know the best way to meet women.

Of course, if you see a beautiful woman and know you may never see her again, it doesn’t hurt to make your approach and hope for the best outcome. The last two steps of this process will tell you the best ways to meet women in all of these circumstances.

Step #2: Your approach should never be cut and dry with direct statements or requests.

Coming right out with a direct request for a date or phone number is another mistake men who don’t know how to approach women make. These men go from “hello” to “want to join me on my yacht” in five minutes or less and end up shot down.

What you really want to do is quite the opposite. Make your approach and then turn away from her. Go back to what you were doing before or rejoin friends elsewhere. This is the exact opposite of what most men will do!

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This approach allows you to judge her response to you to determine if you have any chance without putting yourself on the line. It also drives up her interest in you because she doesn’t know for sure if you like her. Finally, it shows you aren’t needy or desperate.

Step #3: Use cues from your surroundings to come up with authentic approach lines.

The last thing you want to do when trying to approach a woman is memorize pick up lines found in books or online. Women have heard them all and they aren’t interested in them. Instead, learn the best way to meet women by observing what is in the natural surroundings wherever you are.

You should be able to find something interesting or friendly to say about wherever you happen to be at the moment you run into a beautiful woman. Commentary of something she sees right there with you will always get you further than a rehearsed pick up line.

Don’t wait until you see someone attractive to start coming up with observational approaches. Practice opening conversations with everyone you run into, including women and men you have no interest in dating. The more comfortable you get with observational conversation the easier it will be to implement this with a stunning woman.

You can learn the best way to meet women just by following these three simple steps. Put them into action and see where it takes you!