Fireworks With FemalesIf you’ve been settling for half attractive, boring women who don’t really fit your idea of beautiful or sexy, it’s time to take some tips on talking to a woman. You shouldn’t have to settle for women you aren’t attracted to or don’t find interesting and fun. Yet, that may be what you have been settling for because you don’t know how to effectively attract, approach, and seduce women.

No more of that! Listen to the following tips on talking to women so you can stop settling for boring women and attract those that light you on fire.

Overcoming Approach Jitters

If you’re like most men, you are often overcome with jitters when in close proximity to an attractive woman. You struggle on things to say to women and become extremely nervous so none of your words or sentences sound right when they come out of your mouth. Or, perhaps you sit completely still and avert eye contact as if you are a mute.

Is she going to reject you? Will she think you’re boring or stupid?

This is something that many men experience on a regular basis, but there are some men who never face this problem. They are completely confident with women because they interact with them just as they would with a man. Talking to a woman is no big deal in their mind.

The following tips are designed to help you learn from these men so talking to women is no big deal for you, either.

The Art of Indirect Conversation

The most common approach men use to pick up women is to ask very basic, direct questions. They want to know her name and perhaps what she likes to do. They make their interest in the woman very clear and spend no time beating around the bush. They directly ask for a phone number or date, almost acting shocked when they get a quick no.

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The problem with this is women aren’t direct thinkers. They want some mystery and romance. They want to guess whether a man is interested and play the game of cat and mouse in a playful fashion. When you approach in a very direct manner they simply don’t get what they want from the interaction and write you off.

You can’t talk to women with your male sensibility. You have to learn how women want to be talked to and give it to them. You have to do things their way.

Sending Mixed Signals is Great

The key on talking to some women on their own terms is sending mixed signals. This goes against most of what your mother may have taught you, but there are some things your mother isn’t clued in to perhaps. Women want mystery and romance and that means wondering whether you are really interested in them or not.

When talking to a woman, give mixed signals such as being playful with little pokes and touches while saying that you are too busy for a girlfriend or are otherwise unavailable. These signals will cross in her mind and pique her interest. They will make her more interested in you.

When you implement these strategies when talking to some women can be quite frustrating. The mystery and indirect communications work for women, but they aren’t the way men naturally communicate. This is understandable; just remember your final goal when it comes to talking to women on their own terms.