Fireworks With FemalesWould you like to learn secret strategies for attracting girls? If the answer is yes, then it’s a good thing because you are going to learn an ability that majority of men do not have a clue about. It is important that you understand that having the knowledge to speak to girls and attract them is not an innate gift but some guys are really born with, but it can also be learned!

The ability to attract girls is considered to be a skill that must be learned like any other ability and the best part is that learning this skill will give you an advantage than the rest of the guys. There are two steps to the process: first, your must understand what works and what doesn’t, and second, you must practice what you’ve learned. There is going to be a lot of trial and error as you learn the skills required to start attracting women, however, here are three tips that can get you started.

Tip #1: Learn to Reduce the Competition

Though it may sound like something that should already be known, many men fail this step because they try to learn the skills of attracting women by hitting up locations where the competition is fierce or strong. You will find fierce competition in places like clubs, bars, and anywhere else where girls goes for a hang out with friends. In these ‘meat markets” the girls have their pick of the crop, so to speak. Unless you can shine above the rest, you are likely to face rejection.

Of course, these places are hot spots for single girls and can offer a great deal of practice, but your results will vary in these locations and often tend towards the negative side. There are a ton of places where you can find beautiful girls and have little to no competition like parks, bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops. There are less men here to compete with, meaning the females will not feel the need to be on alert.

Tip #2: Learn How to Build Trust

Being able to get girls to trust you is an important steps in attracting girls. Most men do not understand the value of this tip, or how to do it, especially when he only has one thing on his mind. The answer is simple: do not approach them until you have established trust.

For example, let’s say that you are in a library and see an attractive girl that you would like to approach. Instead of simply walking up and using some cheesy line to try and attract her with, sit a few seats away from her for a while. Get up and go to the restroom, and ask her to save your seat for you. Although this seems like a simple and meaningless gesture, the truth is that this can help build up a trust relationship.

Be sure to thank her when you return. At this point, she is more likely to be approachable as her guard has been dropped ever so slightly. It is best if you add some humor to the situation. Ask her to guard your computer or books with her life, or that you need her to tackle anyone that tries to mess with them. This can ease you in a conversation, and get you ready for the third tip.

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Tip #3: Use Scarcity to Make Yourself More Attractive

After you have talked to the girl for a while, make an excuse that you need to leave suddenly. It can be a text message from a friend, or an appointment that you will soon be late for. This will open the door for you to apologize, and state that you would like to continue the conversation at a later time. Leaving her in a bit of a rush will allow her to feel that you have a life and will not be the needy type if she agrees to go out with you. It will also present the idea that there are still some things the two of you should talk about.

Put the above methods into play, and keep in mind that attracting girls is a skill that must be acquired or learned. After a bit of practice, you should feel more comfortable with girls, and may have other guys asking you for advice.