The Online GameWe could laugh all day long about the stupid online dating secrets that you see on many websites, chat rooms, and forums. They tell you very common sense things that anyone can figure out, such as “say something she can easily respond to.”

Really? You couldn’t figure that out on your own? Of course you can, which is why the majority of online dating tips takes men like you nowhere.

Here’s a statistic worth considering: around 90% of men get fed up with negative results from online dating and give up within a few months. That sounds intimidating, but with the right online dating website you will be one of the 10% that stick with it and succeed.

You’re not alone in this. The majority of men are lost when it comes to meeting and attracting women online. Most of them will give up because they don’t have the tips that you are about to discover!

Dating Online Never Works

What? Doesn’t this tip contradict what we just promised you? Hang in there…there is always a catch!

Rather than trying to date online, you want to learn how to meet women online and move the relationship offline rather quickly. Instead of online dating, think of it as online mingling.

The problem with spending too much time communicating through the phone and email is that you don’t get a genuine sense of the connection that could form between you and the woman. You may dismiss some women that are perfect matches to your personality while finding much later on that another woman you invested a lot of time getting to know has no chemistry with you at all.

Online dating is simply a waste of time!

Don’t pay any attention to online dating guides and tips that stresses too much dating through email, chat rooms, texting, and other means of social networking. You want to know who you are dealing with and see her in person as quickly as possible.

Everything in Good Time

You may be ready to meet a beautiful woman and get on with your life as quickly as possible, but for the woman everything needs to be timed just right. Women don’t want to rush into anything and they pay a lot of attention to the methods you are using to attract and seduce her. That is why there is this certain section on this website too that teaches you or gives some dating advice for guys in addition to this article.

This knowledge is bringing about some new online dating secrets, such as this one: send all of your online messages or emails on the weekend. This may sound like a pointless tip drummed up by some loser, but it will do wonders for your success rate meeting women online.

Find Out How Easy Online Dating Can Be

To understand this, think about how women of high value live their lives. They usually aren’t checking email a lot during the week because they are working and doing other activities. They don’t slow down to really think about men until the weekend rolls around.

When she comes back from a disappointing night out with the girls your email will be the first thing to greet her on a lonely night!

Effective Ways and Rules on How to Email Girls

When you start communicating with a woman through email, stick with a few easy rules:

  • Limit each message to 100 words.
  • Send another message in a few days if you get no response.
  • Word every message so you seem like a man of extremely high value.

If your messages are long or too frequent she will assume you have nothing else to do with your life. To show that you are of high social value make your messages laid back as if you don’t mind if she wants to respond, but you aren’t desperate if she doesn’t either.

These online dating secrets are the real deal. Start focusing on meeting women online but not dating online and always position yourself as a man of extremely high social value. That’s all it takes to spice up your love life without leaving home!