Fireworks With FemalesIf you really want to know how to be confident with girls then you have to understand the concept of rejection. A lot of times, the fear of rejection is what prevents guys from being confident. Rejection is seen as something negative because it’s viewed as a failure but it’s this negative mind set that can really put a real dent on someone’s confidence.

Rejection is what stops most men from approaching women, going out on dates, and being outgoing with their love life. This fear can be so powerful that most men lives a good part of their life fearing it. If you find yourself holding back, lacking in confidence or easing away from women that caught your attention or interest because you don’t want to fail or be rejected then it’s time to learn how to be confident with girls by replacing the feeling of rejection into satisfaction and achievement.

If you heard a man who often boast that he has never been rejected let me tell you right now, he is lying. Every man who tried approaching women has experienced and felt the feeling of being rejected at some point in their life and a big chance that they will face the same experience in the future until of course they were able to settle down with someone they found and live permanently.

And that only means you can likewise face this feeling of being rejected. The only way to get away with that would be to give up on women and devote yourself to a celibate life. That doesn’t sound very appealing is it? That’s why it’s time to get over yourself and finally learn how to be confident with girls.

It’s time to learn how to overcome this fear so it never holds you back again from seeking the companionship you’ve always wanted!

To increase your confidence you have to openly embrace and accept rejection, instead of fearing it. You know that sooner or later it is going to happen and so it is much better to be prepared for it. When you reach this period, you are already free and able to approach women or simply move on unaffected when you get rejected. The end result would be having more confidence, more scores and fewer losses…and that’s guaranteed.

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Think about some of the well-known, famous, and successful persons in this era, we’re talking of people like Babe Ruth and Thomas Edison who are prodigies of success and never tasted failure; you’re completely wrong. Once in their life they’ve also experienced and faced rejection. The only difference is, they just didn’t let it defeat them.

For instance Babe Ruth is known for hitting the most home runs from the rest of the baseball players on his period. But guess what? When you look at his record he also struck out more than most players in his time.

Ty Cobb was famous for stealing more bases than everyone else, but he also experienced being called out so many times. Thomas Edison also was said to have tried thousands of times just to make his light bulb work before it actually did.

Where would we be today if these men had stopped playing ball or given up on their light bulbs just because they lacked the confidence to continue?

You will be amazed at the confidence you’ll have and the success you will experience with different women when you start accepting to yourself rejection and move forward regardless. The perfect woman is not going to magically fall down from the sky and just drop right into your couch. Once you experience success you will appreciate it so much because you know and experienced what it’s like to be on the other end.