Fireworks With FemalesMost guys never really consider understanding how to tell a girl you like her. After all, if things seem to be good the way they are; it’s supposed to be a given right? This isn’t always the case, especially if you’ve been friends with someone for a long time, or you know them but never said anything.

So should you be discreet about it or let the world know how you feel about her? Well, it really depends on the person, so we’re going to cover both areas today.

The Discreet Method

Sometimes our personality just won’t let us reveal openly our affection for someone we like. When this happens you usually want to do things to show her you like her. If you go back to your younger days it was probably by making fun of her in a playful manner, but today you might want to be discreet.

In the today’s world it’s all about talking to her more, and digging for a little information that can help. Learning how to tell a girl you like her can be easy if you have something unique to work with like; sending her a written letter in the mail. Thanks to the Internet, snail-mail has seemingly disappeared when it comes to writing a letter, so this option is definitely unique as well as discreet.

The best part about this option is it’s not something she would expect, which means she’s going to like it. Hopefully she feels the same way about you, and if she knows how to tell a guy she likes him as well, she’ll return the favor in the same manner. We recommend telling her to write you back if the feeling is mutual.

The Open Method

This method is more direct and straight forward, if you have lot’s of options before with women this may be your best choice. When it comes to being open, the guys who can do this seems to have more self-confidence. They don’t really care what people might think about them, so the options are endless. However, it’s important to do something out of the ordinary. Forget about sending flowers to her work, because that is just OLD school strategy (you can do it later on though).

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Learning how to tell a girl you like her in this way will also set you up for rejection. Probably the worst part of it is everyone around you will hear everything or about it. A great way to be open about this is by tell letting her friends know where you intend to take her on your first date. You’ll probably hear reactions like; “Aww, that’s so sweet”. Then obviously they’re going to tell your plans and so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to her later on when you’ve decided to tell her you like her.

Then again; if you have the guts to just walk in front of her and say; “I LIKE YOU!” then its a done deal for you, but there wouldn’t be any challenge for you and you took the thrill out from her. And unfortunately it’s not really the right move or approach, and she’ll end up thinking that you’re probably weird.

In the end, it’s all about being yourself. Think about whether or not you feel comfortable just walking up to her and letting her know how or what you feel. If you don’t, then we highly recommend going over the discreet route. It’s going to be between you and her, no one will know about it (at least they have seemingly forgotten about it), and if it doesn’t work out then you won’t be all that embarrassed to your friends or her friends.