Fireworks With FemalesWould you like to know the fastest way to a woman’s heart? Well, it’s learning how to make a girl smile. Obviously, the smiling part is as important as her thoughts, but the reaction itself lets you know she’s enjoying what you’re offering. If you’re interested in someone, want to re-kindle the flame in your relationship, or simply see if this works…take advantage of the tips we’re going to give you today.

Tip #1 Giving Instead of Receiving

One of the best ways on how to please a woman or to make a girl smile is by doing something she didn’t expect. The most important thing to understand here is that you don’t have to buy flowers or presents. All you have to do is be courteous, thoughtful, and respectful, even when you don’t think anyone is watching.

Now, if you’re seeing her for the first time you will have to keep that in mind, but take a different approach. When you sit down to dinner or wherever you’re mingling, don’t spend time talking about her looks, eyes or any of that other BS. The goal here is to find something you have in common without it seeming like an interrogation.

If you can do this then she will feel comfortable and bring out that beautiful smile.

Tip #2 Be Confident Towards Her

When you’re in a relationship you still have to be as confident as when you were first dating. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 5 years, 10 years, or just a couple for 6 months. She never expects that you’re going to come up and kiss her on the back of the neck, or pat her on the backside. Trust us, this will definitely make her smile…she might even blush.

If you see a girl across the room and you want to make her smile it’s a little bit harder. After all, she doesn’t know you from Adam so you need to take a different approach. You can do two things; you can be subtle and wait for her to look at you and then smile, or you can go over there and ask her to dance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a library, grocery store, or anywhere else that has no music or dance floor, she will get a kick out of your approach. If you want to know how to make a girl smile, this is one of the easiest ways!

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Tip #3 Listen and Act

One thing you have to understand about women is that most of them give you subtle hints about what they want. It could be a night on the town, a new fashion piece, flowers, dinner, or tons of other things.

If you’re already in a relationship then these “hints” come across your path all the time. The only way to know what they are is to truly listen to her. Once you find something in your conversation that she wants or wish she could have, it’s up to you to make it happen.

Example: You out at dinner and she’s rolling her neck, complaining about work, and that her feet hurt. It might sound like a bunch of blah-blah-blah on the surface, but she’s really saying she needs a massage. So if you’re living together or she is coming over you can give her a massage yourself, or if you’re just dating then get her a massage package and mail it.

When she opens it up she’ll be smiling because you did something nice, and you took the time to realize it’s what she needed.

There are so many different ways to make a girl smile we can’t go through them all today. The three tips we’ve give you today on how to make a girl smile are just the beginning. You can branch out from them or come up with complete new ones.