Fireworks With FemalesLearning how to make a girl happy is something literally every guy has to know at some point in life, but it isn’t the easiest thing to learn. If you have a girl that you really want to keep forever, this quick guide will give you a head start to learning how to make her happy and stay with you forever.

Learn to Genuinely Listen

This is the most important thing you can ever do to keep your girl happy. Most guys think they know how to listen and communicate, but when it comes down to heated arguments and disagreements they don’t communicate well at all. Even when things are calm and peaceful, you have to know the art of listening to keep a girl happy.

When you talk to girls openly they admit their frustration when guys don’t seem to really listen to anything they say. Girls wants to be heard more than they want to be agreed with or be consoled. If you can send some signs that you really are listening when she talks, then you’re learning how to make a girl happy forever.

For instance, give her something for her birthday that she may have mentioned wanting months ago. You could just give her flowers or just something simple she’s been wanting in the past; this will show that you were listening and remembered what she wanted before. It seems silly, but to a girl it is very important to be heard and understood in this manner.

Do the Little Things

You don’t have to take a girl on a two week vacation into a remote island just to impress her. It’s often the small things that will make her smile and remember you in a more positive side. Bring her lunch and make sure all of her favorite food are there. Surprise her with a book or a gift that you felt will fit her personality. Just think of little things that will make her feel special.

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Make Her Feel Valued and Appreciated

Learning how to make a girl happy is really all about learning how to make a girl feel valuable and appreciated. She wants to feel like she is the center of your world and you could not live without her. She wants to feel like you believe in her and want the best for her.

Some girls may run from this if they aren’t ready for a more serious relationship, so try to think of how much of your feelings are you willing to reveal her. Get to know her and show in simple ways how much you really value the time you spent with her.

Don’t Become Her Shadow

This is the best piece of advice you will ever hear on how to make a girl happy. Don’t become one with her! You don’t have to start scrap-booking just because she loves it and you don’t have to spend your Saturdays pretending that you have given up football for her. You need to keep your own life and remain the guy you were when she first met you or else you’ll risk of losing her.

Girls don’t want a man who will give up their own life and become immersed in hers. They want you to have your own life and have other things going on for you. In fact, having no life beyond them will become a turn off that might backfire and you’ll have no life to go back to when she decides to leave you.