Fireworks With FemalesMost guys aren’t too keen on tying themselves down to one girl for a long period of time or for heaven’s sake forever, but there comes a time when you meet a girl who starts to change that perspective. You find yourself caring more about keeping her happy and being with her than scouting for other girls and keeping your independence. You start wondering how to love a girl and become a one-girl kind of guy.

It can be a big jump from the single guy mentality to the attached guy mentality. You have to tame your thoughts and lusty desires and start thinking about one girl exclusively. You have to center your life on this one relationship and stay strong when you hit those inevitable rough patches. Maybe it will turn into “I do” and forever and maybe it won’t, but the process of learning how to love her in a committed manner is a great learning experience.

Changing Thought Patterns

Things like the old “bros before hoes” mentality have to hit the road if you are serious about learning how to love a girl on a deeper level. You can no longer think about her as just another girl and you can no longer put your friends and other people you care about above her. She is now the woman you love and she has a very special position in your life.

Rather than thinking about your life, you have to start thinking about your life together. If you are still very young this can be as simple as including her in your weekend plans and making plans together rather than with your friends. If you are older it can involve taking longer vacations together, spending the night together, and living day to day life hand in hand.

When you learn how to love a girl on a deep level you have to change how you think about the girl and your life. She has to take on more importance than friends and others and she has to feel very important to you…because after all, she is!

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It is best to start changing the way you think from “I” to “We” before you actually say anything about serious commitment to the girl. After all, if it comes out you just can’t commit and change that mental script to fully commit, it isn’t fair to get her hopes up.

Honesty Counts

If there is anything you have not been completely honest about up to this point, now is the time to come clean and get honest. A committed, loving relationship will fall apart in a very painful manner if there are any lies or untruths between you. Loving a girl means respecting her enough to be honest and open with her, even if it could cast a negative light on you.

Show Your Feelings

This is something that most men don’t do naturally, so it can feel very scary. You may love this girl with your heart and soul, but telling her that is another story. Learning how to love a girl means learning how to come out of your shell and open up in meaningful ways.

Remember, it’s not all about words. Do little things that show her you care and are thinking about her. Try to make her life easier. Show her through actions that you are falling for her big time.