Fireworks With FemalesOnce you get past the initial approach and start talking with a girl the next questions is often how to keep a conversation going. You have probably experienced this at least once… when you’re sitting across the table or next to a beautiful woman on the couch and the words are just flowing as if you two shares a brain and there is nowhere else in the world you want to be. She seems to be taking the thoughts right out of your mind and you’re sure you’re blowing her mind in return. It’s almost as good as sex.

Unfortunately, those encounters don’t always happen the first time you meet a woman you really want or interested to. There are usually some long pauses where neither of you seems to know exactly what to say and sometimes you may not know what it’s in your mind, letting her stealing your thoughts. It’s almost as horrible as waking up with a hang-over and spending a night with a not so pretty stranger in your bed.

You’re tired of asking about the weather wherein what you really wanted to say or ask about is where is her bedroom at. You’re tired of feeling awkward and embarrassed and want more of those passionate conversations with a woman. If this is where you are right now, then these tips on how to keep a conversation going will help you break the ice, get over the silent pauses and keep things rolling.

Silent Busters That Works to Keep the Conversation Going

It’s common for men to plan and even practice what they want to say when awkward situation and silence hits, but usually these lines comes out from you involuntarily and at times insincere. This of course makes the interaction even more awkward!

The trick is to find quirky, fun things to say that fits your personality so they don’t come out stiff. For instance, you could say something like, “Why do awkward silences always feel so awkward?” Something like this will be so unexpected to her and sounds so quirky so she’s more likely to respond with a genuine smile or laugh.

That line is actually a lot deeper than what you really think, so you could actually carry on a brief conversation and makes you think about it by the two of you. You will actually see a side of her about who she really is by how she responds to such a remark. Does she share your sense of humor or does she just seems too uptight to let loose?

“It’s funny; you always know when to really understand someone when the silence starts to feel awkward.” This is another possible line that is simple and a bit quirky but somehow has some deeper thoughts behind it.

Notice that both of these lines involves pointing out the elephant in the room. What makes awkward silences so awkward in most cases to everyone is being so desperate to make them go away without acknowledging them. Acknowledge them and you will both feel more at ease.

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You can use this strategy throughout your relationships with women. Anything that feels uncomfortable or awkward is probably something you normally don’t want to talk about. Bring it up into a conversation and it won’t feel as tense as it should be.

You can do some practices by asking these questions to friends and other girls to see how they will respond.

Learn to Listen – The True Secret to Great Conversations

Most women love to talk, so you should let them pull their weight in a conversation. If you ask the right questions most women will respond eagerly and so responsive. And if you are relaxed, a tentative listener and that she feels comfortable with you, then the awkward silences will disappear as she talks through about the topic.

You can’t just sit there and be silent, but you can ask questions that feeds on of what she’s saying just to keep her talking. If she is talking about her favorite food ask why she likes those food and so on.

If she tries how to keep a conversation going and draw you more into the conversation you have to let your guards down and give detailed answers that will satisfy her. If you want to shut a conversation down only give one short answers, but if you want to prolong it you have to really get into the conversation in a more detailed manner.

Learning to listen and to respond to what she says is really going to impress her because it shows that you care and is interested. So the next time you are talking to a women, or maybe even another guy (hey, it’s good practice), start listening and asking questions about the topic, instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. And you will be surprised with the results.