Fireworks With FemalesOkay guys, if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to impress women, we’ve got 3 fail-proof tips for you today. We consider each one of them to be key ingredients to getting any girl to fall head over heels for you. Leaving any of them out will most likely result in disaster, or just no type of chemistry whatsoever. Are you ready to change your luck?

#1 Learn to Listen

One of the biggest parts when learning how to impress women is being an attentive listener. Women can spot fake men from a mile away, and if you don’t show true interest in the beginning, chances are she will not be interested. However you decide to introduce yourself (unless that’s the problem), taking the time to show interaction in what she says can play a major role in impressing her.

For instance; no matter what she is talking about you should ask questions. This makes you pay attention to what she is saying, and you’re able to show your own opinions on the subject. What it comes down to is women love good listeners, and if you take the time to acknowledge what they are telling you; it can definitely go a long way.

#2 Capitalize on the First Contact

When you’ve had a chance to get acquainted with any woman, there are strategies you can use from the start. Smart men are those who ask questions about places she likes to go, what she does for fun, and things she still hopes to do. Once you take her out on a date, doing one of the things she mentioned can get you some serious “brownie points” right from the get go.

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Keep in mind; it doesn’t have to be anything overly extravagant. This is because the smallest details are usually the most important. Another thing we understand is you might have been with this woman for quite some time. Whether she’s an acquaintance, girlfriend, or even a spouse, taking advantage of this step will without a doubt impress your woman.

#3 Show Your Confidence…but don’t overdo it

Ask any woman and most say a man with confidence is more attractive than an insecure one. Then again; they will also tell you that if a man is too confident, he’s most likely not a trustworthy person when it comes to relationships. Being a confident person can mean something as simple as making the plans for a date.

If you’re already in a relationship it could mean acknowledging that your wrong from time to time, doing the talking in front of salespeople (but not excluding her all together), and basically being assertive in all aspects of the relationship. Heck, some women are impressed when they see dads at the park playing with their kids. The funny thing is you may never know about it.

Here’s the cliff notes on how to impress women: Whatever the case may be, if you’re a good listener, take the time to surprise her with little things she’s brought up in previous discussions, and you have the self-confidence a man should always have, you should never doubt your abilities to impress women ever again.