Fireworks With FemalesIf you really want to know how to impress a woman then this simple strategy is something that you will want to pay attention to. A lot of guys think that impressing a woman has to be overly complicated wherein that is really far from the truth.

Basic strategies often works best and the truth is that the harder you try to impress a woman, the more likely it is that her defenses will go up and block any further action on your part.

To really impress a woman you want to do two things. First, you want to make her feel safe. Have you every wondered why a lot of girls seem to go for the bad guy? More often than not, it’s because these guys make them feel safe and feeling safe is high on a woman list of things to look for in a guy. They may not know it on a conscious level, but it’s a natural instinct across the board for humans and animals alike.

The second thing you want to do in your quest to learn how to impress a woman is to utilize this universal principle and that you can actually verify just by looking around you; that of scarcity. The essential characteristic of this strategy is to be different from the hundreds of guys out there. We are not talking about extremes here, but subtle changes in how you respond and act around woman will do.

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Here is how to combine making her feel safe and making yourself stand out from the crowd:

When women want to feel safe, it’s not just from physical danger but also from emotional pain. Unfortunately, most me out there are usually looking out for themselves.

Instead of listening and trying to understand what a woman is saying, they just want to be heard. Rather then let jealously slide, they get defensive when they feel threatened by a person (like when a guy looks at your girl).

Do you know what this shows from a woman? Weakness. Do you think a woman will feel protected by you if she perceives you as weak?

The other problem with being jealous, overbearing and not fully listening is that these behaviors are so common. Being common makes them boring and makes you very predictable just like all the other guys.

So to answer the question, ‘How to Impress a Woman”, you need to demonstrate emotional strength by not getting threatened by other guys or another individual. When she is talking, listen to what she is saying instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. These qualities are rare so you will definitely make an impression.