Fireworks With FemalesAfter you have gone through all the motions to approach a girl and start talking to her, your are probably just about ready to learn how to get a girls number. This causes some guys a great deal of pain and anxiety but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Asking a girl for her number doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a three ways to ask her for her number that you may not have thought of. They should be able to help ease the pain that some guys get when they try to get a girls number:

Get A Girls Number Line #1

“I really have to get going here, but I’d love to continue this conversation. Let’s meet some place on a date ?

You may have noticed that this strategy involves asking her out on a date right away. This is actually one of the best ways to get a reason to ask her for that number. One of the key components is to ask for a specific place and date, this gives her the opportunity to say yes or no for that particular day but may leave open the chance for a different day.

Get A Girls Number Line #2

“I should really get going, but I would like to get to know you better. How about I call you one of these days ?

Against notice that we used a specific time instead of saying “sometime”. You are also telling here that you will call and just finding out when the best time to call is. If the day you picked doesn’t work, you can try for another day. This is great to help you determine how interested she is overall.

Get A Girls Number Line #3

Pass her the phone and say, “I have to go, how about we talk again one day? over the phone maybe

This may seem like a weird thing to do at first, but it gets around actually having to ask for the number. What’s the point? Keep in mind that girls are getting asked for their number so often that it almost becomes and automatic reaction to say no.

By giving her your phone you accomplish a couple of things:

It tells her that you are interested without having to say the dreaded phrase, “Can I have your number?”

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By handing her your phone, you have given a clue on the subconscious level (this is extremely important) that you trust her. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Most people treasure their phones beyond belief, by handing her an object like that you are actually scoring massive points.

Another advantage of this technique is that in addition to the initial trust you have show, studies have shown that when someone trusts you, it makes you want to trust them more. So by trusting her with your phone, she automatically wants to trust you!

So now you know how to get a girls number. Three lines that you can use to help overcome the fear of asking her for her number. Out of the three, the last one is by far the best. Test these out and see how they work for you.