Fireworks With FemalesFor most guys, more girls are introduced or met in crowds than being met one-on-one. This may be a reflection of the women grouping nature that causes them to spend more time together than being alone or by themselves, but it is also because social events and activities that places everyone in a relaxed mood where they are more open to conversation and invitations. For this reason, you have to learn how to get a girl to notice you no matter who else comes around.

Standing Out

The problem most men have in groups is that they blend into the crowd. They don’t get noticed by girls because they are easily forgotten, if the girl even notices them to begin with. There are some simple things you can do while inside the group to stand out from the others and get a girl to notice you:

  1. Make eye contact with her and smile warmly as often as possible.
  2. Put a hand on her shoulder or touch her in other subtle, harmless ways.
  3. Actively engage in conversations or activities so you aren’t just sitting by as a spectator. Girls don’t notice spectators. They are after the conversation stars.

When making an eye contact, it is important that you don’t drop your eyes to the ground, fold your arms across your body, or show other signs of anxiety or shyness. You are confident. You are the life of the party. You are just having a good time and relaxing. That’s the image you want to give, so look her right in the eye with a confident smile then move on to engaging with the rest of the group again.

Engaging Her Through the Group

When you are interested in a girl who is in a group with you, the trick is to engage the entire group while subtly reaching out to her. Make those eye contacts and place a hand on her shoulder or grab her hand to create an example of the point you are making. You are talking to the entire group, but showering a bit of extra attention on her.

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Girls are naturally drawn to guys who are adored by others. If you have lots of friends and everyone in the group seems to really like you, then she has the social go-ahead and approval needed to go after you if she wants.

Moving the Conversation

Eventually, if you want to get a girl to notice you in a group you will have to remove her from the group. Once she is comfortable around you between group interactions ask if she wants to move to another side of the room and have a drink or perhaps dance. Your options here will be dictated by the social situation you are in.

Just don’t expect the girl to leave the location alone with you or go into a bedroom instantly. You want to get her alone to talk to her and get comfortable but that won’t happen if you are in a way creepy or inappropriate.

Playing the Social Card

Use the group environment to help you on how to get a girl to notice you which is beyond the party. Just make sure that her friends or company on that night have your phone number and know your name. So, if they knew you then they’ll be talking about you thus giving you a chance to be thought of again by the girl and increase your chances of getting a date with her.