Fireworks With FemalesHave you been finding that your lack of confidence with women has been stopping you from attracting the women that you really want? If so, then you’re probably thinking that gaining additional self-confidence will change your luck, at least as far as it goes with women. The question though is whether or not that’s really the problem.

Is confidence really the issue?

You might truly believe that this is the problem, but then again, you may be close to discovering a very strange truth. The face is that you have more confidence than you think, though that confidence might not be in the right area. How do you transfer that confidence over to something useful? Particularly your relationships with women?

How Confident are You?

We will have a quick look at how confident you already are (even if you don’t think you are at all) and then we’ll talk about increasing your confidence with women. Let’s take for example your ability to drive a car. Are you confident in that ability? What about your ability to eat, or walk, or use your hands? What about talking? Are you confident enough to do that? No matter who you are, you have a few things that you are confident in, of that there is no doubt.

Though you might be able to do those things right now, there was a time when they were extremely difficult! How did you ever manage to build up the confidence you needed to perform those basic actions? The simple answer is practice. Naturally you failed in the beginning, but you never gave up, and you never tried to convince yourself that you couldn’t do it. At that point, you really didn’t care if you succeeded or failed, but you were committed to learning, and that made all the difference The question is how this can apply with women.

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The simple truth is…you have to get some practice.

If you have any pride left, you need to get rid of it. You need to build true confidence, and you need to do it now. You will find that you can build up your confidence with women in the exact same way that you would build up confidence in any other activity. This does mean of course that you will need to get up and get out there. The opportunities simply are not going to just come to you. But the best part is that as you practice and build up your confidence, you will become more attractive to women.

Another thing you might try is giving yourself positive affirmations in your attempt to build confidence. The problem however is that this provides a false sense of confidence that simply will not last. If your confidence is based on mere illusion, you may find yourself trying to rush headlong into the game. The only problem with this is that if or when you fail, you will be permanently crushed!

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you’d want to march into war with someone who has had battlefield experience, or with someone who simply relied on positive thinking to get themselves into that position (these are normally called officers). If you really want confidence, you need to start slow, perhaps by talking more to the cashier at the coffee shop, and then moving up. You never know what might happen if you try!

The truth is that you have confidence built in, all you have to do is work to improve it where you want it. You CAN use self affirmation like, “I”m full of confidence” to help get you started, but in the end, practice is what is really going to get you the confidence that you are looking for.