Fireworks With FemalesDo you know how to flirt with a girl without looking desperate? Desperation is the last thing you want a girl to read when you are flirting. If she thinks you are trying to pick up a girl, and it could be any girl, she isn’t likely to fall into your arms. You want her to think you are interested in her specifically and that you could have your pick of numerous girls, even if that is very far from the truth.

This seems like common sense, but most guys don’t know how to flirt with a girl without giving off those desperation vibes. If you are struggling to get girls to respond when you flirt with them or they react negatively, chances are they are reading desperation rather than confidence from your approach.

Lack of Eye Contact

The biggest sign of a guy who lacks confidence or expects to be rejected is the lack of eye contact. You know how to glimpse down at chest level, but do you have the confidence to look a girl directly to their eye and give her a direct smile? If you want to avoid looking desperate, you better get that confidence!

Eye contact is essential to learning how to flirt with girls with confidence in yourself. If you can look her directly in the eye when speaking to her then you’re achieving a sense of confidence inside you, even if you are quivering inside.

Imagine someone talking to you with their eyes looking down at the ground or on any other way except you. What are you going to think of them? You may think that they are nervous, scared, or perhaps even a bit of having a shady personality. When you avoid eye contact with a girl she’ll feel that you are scared to talk to her; and that would even more look worse than desperate.

Don’t Make it all About Her

The best way to show a girl that you aren’t desperate is to let her see you flirting with other females too. Girls seeing you like this would somehow remove the doubts in their minds towards you. Many guys are scared to do this because they think flirting with another girl is a kiss of death, but in many instances girls want what other girls have, it’s like a competition to them or some sort of a trophy if they get you first. If they see other girls interested in you then you’ll find them being interested as well.

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Just be careful with this type of approach because you don’t want to give a wrong impression that you are not interested with her. The best approach is to flirt with the girl you want and with her friends as a collective group. Part of learning how to flirt with a girl successfully is learning how to put yourself in the most noticeable place or spot and then getting her friends to think you’re cool; this is another great way to look more attractive in her eyes.

Eventually, you want to make it clear that she is the primary object of your affection desire, but there is no harm in showing her that others will find you charming as well.

Don’t Rush It

Finally, learning how to flirt with girls with confidence requires learning how to slow down too or when to step on the breaks. Slow down to what you are saying, don’t rush, speak naturally so that they could clearly understand what you’re saying. mellow down a bit or phase your flirting so it wouldn’t like jumping from a “hello” into a “give me your number” just in five seconds, and see you not rushing to take her somewhere with you instantly.