Fireworks With Females

“There are no women in this city.”

Every man reaches that point on a Saturday night, standing at the same bar, at the same club, staring at all of the same people. As rational human beings, we each know that this can’t possibly be true. What we meant was: I want to see new faces.

If you keep heading out to the same clubs over and over again, odds are, you are going to keep running into the same people over and over again.

It’s time to switch to new things and places to pickup women. Step out of your comfort zone, you are never going to meet new face if you don’t go to places that are new to you.

“If I knew where to go and pick up ladies, don’t you think I wouldn’t be going there already?”

And that’s just the problem. You don’t know where to go or where it is. Trust me, there are places in your city that are full of lovely, single women that you have yet to meet. It just takes a little bit of effort looking and finding them, and I’m here to give you a couple of hints on where to get started.

Five Tips for Finding New Faces

1) Ditch your Friday and Saturday club hopping:

Those are the nights that the same old group of working stiffs you always see go out. You know that cute waitress you’ve been chatting up? She’s not partying on the weekend, she’s working. What you need to focus on is Industry Night. Most clubs/bars have a night dedicated specifically to industry workers. It could be a Sunday, a Tuesday or whenever, but it’s going to be packed with all of the hot servers and bartenders around town who don’t get a chance to party on the weekend. Yeah, you might be tired at work the next day, but it’ll be worth it. This leads to…

2) Look for Industry Night advertising in the clubs:

Clubs usually advertise their Industry Nights within their own venue. So the next time you hit up that same old bar, look around for posters or ask the staff when it is. You don’t even have to find a new club at this point – just a new night. Baby steps.

3) Talk to the wait staff at bars and restaurants, male or female:

Ask them where they go to drink or chill. For some reason, dude bartenders always know the best place in the city to go for a couple of drinks. You can even ask them straight up where the best place to meet women is, and they will know. Talk to your cute server at dinner. Ask her to make a recommendation. Ask her where she and her friends usually go. People who work in the “industry” will always know where the most current hot spots are.

4) Find music events:

Look at the posters you pass by on the street. Read the free weeklies that every city has. Maybe some small band you kind of like is playing a show at a venue that you’ve never been to. Go check it out. It’s a new place to be seen in, and you will get to rub shoulders with women who have the same taste in music as you. The biggest bonus here is that music is the easiest topic to bring up when you first meet someone. Simply showing up to the show has given you something to talk about with every female in the facility. Good for you!

5) Keep an open mind:

If you overhear someone at work talking about their great night out over the weekend, ask them about it. If one of your buddies invites you out on a night that you don’t really feel like it, go anyway. Go to that club you’ve always walked by, but have never once checked out.

No more comfort zone. You’ve outgrown it.