Fireworks With FemalesChatting with girls can be fun, entertaining, and build your self-confidence when you find success. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys out there who struggles on how to hold a conversation with a girl. If this sounds like you, chances are you simply need a new approach. In the end you will have list of girls numbers just by learning how to chat up girls.

Here are 3 quick tips to make it happen:

The Confidence

Without any sort of self-confidence to go on with you, as the saying goes, you’ll definitely crash and burn. Girls loves a guy who isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation and make things happen. Just don’t confuse confidence with arrogance, because the latter turns lots of girls away.

However, if you take time and get yourself on the right mind set and not worry about being rejected; you will easily discover how to start a normal conversation with girls!

What to Say

Even if you have the self-confidence, a lot of guys just don’t know what to say. Don’t feel bad if this is your issue, because there is a simple solution to this. Are you ready?

Consider where you are at the moment when you see a girl you want to chat up. Are you at a bar? Are you at the grocery store? How about the library? Wherever you are this will give you a glimpse or an idea of what you can talk about with her. Here are some examples below:

The Bar:

1. “Have you ever tried a _______?”

The Grocery Store:

2. “Do you know how to make _______?”

The Library:

3. “I heard the library will let you check out movies. Do you know where I can find them?”

These are basic examples of tying in where you are to an ice-breaker. Learning how to chat up girls isn’t about the girl in front of you, but it is about finding that first piece of information that will get her talking. If you can do this you will have no problem chatting up with the ladies!

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Keeping the Conversation Going

Okay, so you have the confidence to walk up to her and you asked her a question involving or considering the place you’re at right now; what’s next?

In order to keep the conversation going you have to learn more about her, or tell her more about you. There is a very fine line here because you don’t want to be overzealous if you’re doing all the talking.

Keeping the convo on an upward mode is all about learning to listen. For example; if you’re at the library and ask her where you can find the movies…come back and ask her if she’s seen ______. Make sure it’s something funny and would be entertaining. It’s possible she has, which means you will get a laugh, a smile, and another thing to talk to her about.

If you’ll remember the 3 tips we’ve given you and utilize them properly, you’ll never wonder on how to chat up girls. All you’ll have to do is keep away from calling them the wrong name when you go out on your dates!