Fireworks With FemalesIf you’re sitting there asking yourself how to be attractive to women, you have this all wrong. The most important thing to understand is that all women have different tastes, and you’re not going to fulfill everyone’s needs in this area. The sooner you figure this out the better off you will be. The best thing to do is be yourself, and then tweak your attractiveness through some other areas.

Your character goes a long way, and if you are respectful and courteous, women will take notice of this. If you’re brash, arrogant, and overwhelming, most of them won’t find you attractive at all. However, the goal here is to find someone that will like you for who you are no matter who that might be.

Here are a few different traits to consider:

Be The Funny Man – But Not Too Funny

If you are just a funny guy, there are probably tons of women who will love your company. Unfortunately, if you’re too funny then they might always consider you a friend and never look past your humor. Hey, we aren’t saying you should change, but make sure you don’t play the “everything is a joke” game.

The funny man is attractive to a lot of women, but many of them believe he is just fun to hang out with as opposed to considering a relationship.

The Nice Guy – But Not Too Nice

We’ve always heard that nice guys finish last, but that’s not the case at all. Maybe when you’re in high school or college this is true, but as we get older there are women who finds this extremely attractive. This is especially true if they want to settle down.

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The only problem with some nice guys is they’re too nice. If you don’t seem like someone who will stand up for himself then she’s not going to really be attracted to you. Sometimes nice guys lacks self-confidence, which can be a killer!

The Go-Getter

Yep, it really doesn’t look like a word, but the go-getter is someone who knows what he wants and then does whatever he can do to get it. Women absolutely loves to be chased, and even though it’s just another game, they tend to flock to these individuals.

If you’re a go-getter then you probably have a good job, a nice lifestyle, and are very creative when it comes to taking a woman out on a date. If there is any downfall here; go-getters are usually the guys that are workaholics, and never seem to have time for their girl.

The important thing to remember here is when someone else enters your life, it’s important to make time for them as well.

Finding Yourself

Learning how to be attractive to women is all about understanding the person you are today. If you’re a funny man, a nice guy, or the go-getter; take time to understand why she would be attracted to you.

Also consider the things that she wouldn’t enjoy. If you can overcome these obstacles there won’t be a woman out there who thinks you’re less than perfect!