Fireworks With FemalesIf you’re interested in younger women, you probably know that already and that they aren’t as easy to pick up as most older women. They aren’t worrying about losing their looks or showing their age just yet and they have men of all ages lining up to get their attention. If you want your chance you’ll have to learn how to attract younger women by thinking like they do.

Relax! Learning how to attract younger girls is much easier than you may think.

Create a Mystery

With older women who have more maturity and life experience you might do well to lay it all on the table and let a woman know exactly how you feel about her. While you’re learning how to attract these younger women you will notice that this doesn’t work very well with the younger crowd.

If you don’t put a bit of mystery and curiosity in her head she is going to give you a yawn and move on to the next guy. The key to making her think about you even when you aren’t around is to make her guess whether you like her, what is going to happen next, and what you’re all about.

Use Your Wisdom

As an older man you have wisdom, strength, and a solid sense of who you are and what you want. You can use this to your advantage while learning how to attract younger female. Regardless of age, women are attracted to men who are strong, confident, mature and stable. If you have those things you have a big advantage.

Yet, younger women wants a man with those characteristics but who also has some youth left in him. Practice loosening up and bringing out that inner boy and you’ll have the perfect combination of strength and boyish charm.

Don’t take a younger woman out on the ordinary dates that you might take an older woman. Do something fun and upbeat so she will forget she’s dating an “old man.”

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Your Social Value

The social value of a man can override looks, money, and all other important issues when you are dealing with younger women. All young women line up behind men that have been sanctioned, ordained and signed off on by other attractive, young women. If you can position yourself so you have a high social value, it will be much easier to learn how to attract younger women.

If you go everywhere by yourself you will be seen as a person with very low social value, so try to surround yourself with fun people. In particular, surround yourself with women so other female feel you are desirable and can be snagged up at any moment. Women wants what they can’t have and that could be you!

Getting in the Game

Now that you know the basics, learning how to attract younger women is a matter of getting into the game and practicing your skills. Start today by finding women to surround yourself with and plan to do some fun, adventurous activities that no old man would ever want to do.

Get out there to meet women and live an active, youthful life. Then sit back as your sense of social value and learning how to attract women becomes much more easier and better. Your age will pay off as you have the fun and adventures of younger men but also have the wisdom and maturity that others are still lacking.