Fireworks With FemalesThere is a special allure to Asian women. They are mostly petite with sweet, innocent faces and meek little voices that are endearing and wholesome. If this is your vision of Asian women, you need to get into reality with this perception prior to learning how to attract Asian women. Most men have a stereotypical opinion of this race that doesn’t represent what Asian women are in real life.

Asian women can tell if you are approaching them because you have some stereotypical view of her being a geisha or other stereotypical figure. If your idea of flattering an Asian woman is to approach her by saying “I have a huge Asian fetish. I couldn’t wait to get over here and meet you!” then ready your face for a hard slap on the face every time.

Asian women are real people and they don’t want to be the object of your sexual fetish!

Once you wrap your head around what Asian women are really like today and you still have an interest in learning how to attract Asian women, it’s time to find out where Asian women in your community hang out. Most Asian communities will have authentic Asian restaurants that they frequent or dances held by Asian groups where they go for fun.

Look for smaller Asian restaurants and events hosted by local Asian groups and you are likely to find groups of Asian women open to your approach.

Asian grocery stores can become a valuable tool of learning to attract Asian women. Go into the store and find an aisle with an Asian woman that grabs your interest. Pick up something that is not labeled in English and pretend to be completely confused about what you are looking for. Most Asian women will help you out.

Now, do you think its okay to ask an Asian woman where she is from or what nationality she is? Most non-Asian men think nothing of asking this question as an opening to a conversation, but this is a fast way to turn her off. It goes back to making her feel like a desired object, rather than an individual person. If she offers her nationality that is great, but if she doesn’t don’t ask.

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While learning how to attract Asian women you should do some research into the different Asian nationalities. The more you know about the Asian culture the more impressive you will be once you do get into a relationship with an Asian woman.

While doing this research pay special attention to stereotypes so you don’t fall into them and ruin your chances while trying to learn how to attract Asian girls. For instance, not everyone from Cambodia eats dog, so you don’t want to assume an Asian woman has tasted it. The more you know about the Asian culture and the more myths and stereotypes you see through, the higher your chances of attracting and keeping an Asian woman will be.

Learning how to attract Asian girls always starts with understanding their culture at least a little. Everything is different when you are dating someone of Asian decent because you are not only trying to please them as women, but you are trying not to stumble and fall into the trap of stereotypical thinking that can be so offensive to Asian women.

You can learn how to attract Asian women if you focus on meeting them in the right places and approaching them with respect.