Fireworks With FemalesYou’re standing in line at Starbucks or waiting to board an airplane and just for a moment you lock eyes with a beautiful girl standing a short distance away. What are you more likely to do? Stare longingly while the window of opportunity slams shut in your face? Move toward her with so much eager aggression that you scare her away? Or do you know how to approach girls in a subtle yet confident manner that makes them want to respond positively?

If you are completely honest with yourself and you have to say that you would be less than smooth and confident, you are not alone. Very few men know how to approach women or girls so that they feel comfortable and free to respond with a positive desire. Most men push girls away without even realizing what they are doing wrong.

If you approach a girl in a timid manner you might as well just keep staring from a distance because she will pick up on your shyness and mistake it for weakness. If you approach with frantic energy, talk too quickly, or seem to be overly anxious or excitable you might as well scream “jiggety jiggety BOO” in her face and watch her run in the opposite direction.

Girls will pick up on fear and reflect it back on you negatively. They will see you as weak and girls don’t like weak. Too much energy and you are a spaz they want nothing to do with. The key to learning how to approach girls is to strike the middle ground and be fearless, calm, and casual.

Approaching this girl is no big deal in your life. You’re not desperate for her to give you a phone number. You will easily move on to the next girl if she doesn’t want you, because you have plenty of options. This is the attitude you want to reflect when you approach a girl.

After having that initial conversation with you, a girl shouldn’t know for sure whether you are interested in her or not. She should have some hope that you are, but still in the back of her mind she’s not quite sure. This is what will make her think about you after that initial conversation is over.

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So, how do you give this laid back, calm illusion when you approach a beautiful girl? The following tips will help get you started:

  1. Ditch the cheesy come-on lines and look for environmental cues to start conversations. You are standing there together so you are sharing a moment together. Take something happening around you and comment on it with a pleasant, warm smile.
  2. Try to include her friends in the conversation if she is not alone. Make eye contact with her and give her some special attention, but make an impression on everyone near the girl as well. This will also take the pressure off you since it’s not a one-on-one conversation.
  3. Pretend you are talking to a friend. If you can learn on how to approach girls as if they are just another person out there, then you have learned how to approach girls fearlessly. There is no reason to be nervous…she’s just a friend!

You may have to practice this last tip before you really become good at it, but it will work in the long run. If you convince yourself she is just a friend you enjoy you will come off more relaxed.