Double Your Dating ebook ReviewI’ve chosen to take the time and write an informative Double Your Dating eBook review based on my own personal experience I’ve had with the eBook by David DeAngelo. I should begin by saying this review is a summary that is done based on what I personally have experienced when following the principles that are listed in this book. You may have a different series of experiences, and they will depend on what level you are currently at in the book based on you dating. So I will leave that part to you.

My ultimate goal with the Double Your Dating eBook review is to provide you with an idea of what you can expect based on what I have learned firsthand.

How Is Double Your Dating Different

One of the first things I should mention as part of my review is that I believe the author is different from roughly 90% of the other dating coaches that you will find. This is a gentleman that has practiced his pick up and dating game over the years on the street and still actively uses his principles that he teaches. As you read this book, you will see that the author has learned from his past experiences. It would be safe to say that the most eye-opening part is the reasons that women say that they are looking for a nice guy, and why they choose to date a different choice of men.

It would be safe to say that David DeAngelo gives the best and practical explanation on who attraction works in the world, and he removes the mystery and frustration from it. After the first ten pages, you will start to understand a dozen different ideas on how you can double your dating, and that is just the start of things. You will also learn how and why your past experiences that you have had with women may have blown up and you couldn’t figure out what happened.

Warning: You May Not Like What You Find Out About Yourself

A number of things he mentions in the book will start to make you blush, because you will relate to the information he provides on building levels of attraction. In fact, you might have your mind blown as you begin to look at the details you have overlooked in the past, and you might find that you relate to low social value or that you are the desperate man, both of these will kill all attraction a woman has for you.

Learn How To Double Your Dating Right Now!

The Very Good News

The best news is that reading Double Your Dating gives you the chance to kick yourself for making mistakes, and it allows you to take the steps to correct the problems. From there you can push forward and make dating easier. The following are some examples of what immediate changes are available for you to make:

  • Build attraction the proper way from the moment of contact.
  • Changing your behavior to go in a new direction on your first set of dates.
  • Following the game plan to control all your interactions with more confidence.

You will find this is only a small look at the simple strategies that will be taught to you by reading this book. There is more to be learned by the serious student that truly wants to become a modern Don Juan. Even if you are only looking to hit the upper 10% when it comes to having the attraction of women, using these simple principles alone will be worth what you pay for the book.

In conclusion of this Double Your Dating eBook Review, the biggest mistake you will make is to not buy this book and try reading it. You always have the chance to get your money back if you really aren’t impressed, but based on what I know you aren’t going to be doing that.