Fireworks With FemalesIf you have been dating for a while then you have probably already asked yourself “does she like me” on a number of occasions. But how do you know for sure?

First of all, it’s important that you let her know you like her but it’s more important that you look for signs that she is interested before you make your move. After all, if she doesn’t like you then you may just end up making a fool of yourself. And you certainly don’t want to waste days or weeks chasing after someone only to find out that “being friends” is about as far as they want things to go.

So in order to help you not waste time and energy chasing after “friends” here are some sure fire ways you can use to answer the question “does she like me”:

Sure Sign She Likes You #1 – Preening

What is preening? Essentially it’s the effort women go through to make themselves look attractive and we are not just talking about doing their hair and makeup. There are certain preening activities a woman can do right in front of you that are big hints that she likes you. Be on the look out for any of the following: the stroking of her wrists, the top her hand or even her cheek, touching her collar bone or brushing her hair back over her ear.

The experts will tell us that we do a lot of stuff on the subconscious level, and that goes for preening as well. These types of action are subconscious indicators that a woman may just be attracted to you. The best part about it is that women don’t always know they are doing it so they can’t hide it. This indicators of attraction hangs out there in the open for you to see… after that, the next step is to learn strategies for approaching girls.

Sure Sign She Likes You #2 – Pupil Dilation

Have you ever heard about being able to tell if someone is lying through their eyes? The same goes for attraction. You can learn a lot about how she feels about you, or even if she is sexually aroused, by watching her eyes. Of course, one of the main challenges is being able to see this indicator.

It may be worth your while to make sure you give yourself a chance to watch for pupil dilation. Fact is, that this almost always guarantees that she is attracted to you as much as you are to her.

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Sure Sign She Likes You #3 – The Second Glance

The final sign you should watch out for is great, if you are determined to know if a woman likes you wherein you have just seen her maybe passed by or just sitting in a coffee shop but have not actually met her.

Here’s what you do… wait for her to look over at you, chances are that she will do this at least once. When she does don’t do anything. That’s right. Don’t smile, wave or do anything else that will indicate that you are interested. Just look back at her and wait for her to look away.

Once she looks away, check your watch and wait for forty five seconds. If during this period she looks back at you, then you have a strong indicator that she is interested in you.

The one thing to remember is that you must act quickly when you see these indications that she likes or interested in you. Timing is just about everything when it comes to women and these subtle cues are your signal to act. The fact is that if you miss the cue and don’t act quickly enough, you may have lost your chance to move from the like stage to something not very interesting.

So now the question, “does she like me?” is a bit easier to answer. Even when you know the signs you still need to have the confidence to act on it. You can learn how to increase your own self confidence with this great program called Supreme Self Confidence.