Fireworks With FemalesHow often do you meet girls that you just don’t find attractive? How many girls do you think of as just friends or sisters? Now, how much time do you spend chatting with these girls? Since you don’t consider them dating or relationship material, chances are you don’t think much about your interactions with these girls. This is about to change because there are some big benefits to chatting up girls even if you don’t want to sleep with them or take them out on a date.

Building Confidence

You can always consider time spent chatting up with girls you have no real interest with is a good firsthand experience. Whether you are interested in spending more time with them or not, the more time you spend talking to girls the more confident you will feel in their presence.

If you spend a lot of time talking to girls you are less likely to panic or feel anxious when a girl you really are interested in is sitting just across you or standing right next to you. If you spend very little time in the presence of girls, then you are definitely going to be very awkward and nervous…and it’s going to show!

The Power of Girl Friends

There is this theory that girls are attracted to men whom other girls find attractive. If all her friends are talking about you in a more positive side, then more likely she’ll also start thinking about you and want to spend time with you and even want you for herself. Girls want what other girls desire because they think there is something valuable in you that these other girls see.

So, surrounding yourself with female friends will help girls you are interested in to start noticing you. If you spend more time chatting up girls even if they don’t really interest you still you can build more female friendships through this and could work to your benefit or advantage with other girls.

Learning about Girls

While talking to girls that you aren’t interested in you can learn more about them in general. You can learn what they like to talk about and then later on you can use that when starting on a conversation with other girls you are interested in. You will be more updated when it comes to their thinking and likes and you would be more in a loop with them and knowledgeable when the right time comes and found the girl you want to impress with.

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How Do You Sound?

Don’t be afraid to try out new lines and listen to your own voice while talking to girls that doesn’t interest you or doesn’t want to be serious with. Experiment and see how they respond to different tones of your voice, different physical postures, and different conversation starters or topics. It wouldn’t hurt that much even if you’re rejected by these girls rather than from the one you are more interested with though.

Getting Feedback

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your pick-up skills when chatting up girls you’re not serious enough to engage in a relationship with. You can outright ask them for a feedback at the end of your conversation, or you can just see how they respond to you and see if what you just did worked to your advantage. Positive responses from these girls may translate into similar responses from girls that you do want to impress.

Think of chatting with girls as a hobby that you want to do every single day of your life. It doesn’t matter what they look like or how much potential they have for a future mate. It’s all about experience and growth.