Fireworks With FemalesThis is one of the biggest mysteries of the world for most men. The most unattractive, un-influential men can sometimes attract beautiful women that every man dreams of being with. You see them at the beach, at parent teacher conferences, and at local restaurants. They aren’t driving fancy cars. They aren’t loaded with cash and maybe already on the verge of dying. These are just average looking men (some are downright ugly) walking around with the most attractive woman or girl you’ve ever seen.

How do these men do it? What do you have to do to get into that club?

The secret behind this phenomenon is that most women are not looking for an arm candy. That may be something that ranks at the top of the list when a man is looking at a woman, but women have different criteria’s when selecting a mate. Men who are not drop-dead gorgeous often attracts beautiful women because they do have something that women find extremely attractive.

It’s a Personal Thing

Every woman has something special that finds wildly sexy in a man. For some young girls who haven’t matured or experienced life to the fullest yet, this may be sexy six pack abs or long shaggy hair, but for most women it is something that cannot be seen. What you need to understand is that it is different for every woman.

For instance, one woman may have a need to feel secured and protected so she will be subconsciously drawn to men that displays attributes of strength. This could be the physical stature which is large and strong, but that has to be backed up with a strong personality that will reflect he is not afraid to defend himself and his woman. The ugliest man in the room could display this type of dominance, strong personality and attract beautiful women who want to feel protected.

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Take another woman who has a strong desire to connect with a man on an intellectual level. She wants to feel valued and have interesting conversations with a man who recognizes and validates her sharp mind. She will be drawn to men who are engaging in smart discussions and who do not trivialize her or assume she can’t discuss big issues. Obviously, you don’t have to be a superstar with washboard abs to get her attention.

Women may be attracted inside their conscious mind to beautiful men, but what really controls her choices for a mate are those deeper unconscious desires and needs which often does not have anything to do with appearances.

Finding Your Influential Strengths

This is true for most women, even the most beautiful ones. Most men just don’t realize this and are too shy and awkward to show their true personalities during their first meeting with a woman. If you can’t show your true self then you can’t attract those deep inner needs of a woman and she won’t go wild for you.

Most average or unattractive men who attracts beautiful women are just confident enough to display their own true personality when they interact with women. They don’t hide who they are and therefore women are drawn to those attributes that meets their deep-seated needs.

If you want to join those average men who attract beautiful women like it’s nothing, learn to free your personality and show women who you really are and what is it about you that they could find interest to. Now that you know that it’s not all about appearances and you should have more confidence when approaching women, right?