Fireworks With FemalesHave you ever tried to flirt with girls only to find that the entire concept is a complete mystery? You’re not the only one. In fact the majority of men aren’t really experience in flirting with girls, and to be perfectly honest it’s not something we’re prone to do in a practical situation. In ancient culture, or in other words, according to our instincts, we’re supposed to be able to club a woman over the head and drag her back to our cave. That however, is not acceptable in today’s society.

In the event you’ve been trying to flirt and finding yourself to be utterly unsuccessful, the following are a few methods on how to flirt with women that you might try, and they should help to improve you success:

Flirting Technique #1 – Teasing

Teasing is without a doubt one of the best ways to go about flirting with girls, though many people forego this method. The majority of men will actually just give a woman compliment after compliment, but what they don’t take into account is the fact that the woman has been hearing these compliments her entire life. Teasing however, and often times forcing her to prove her value to you might actually be the better way to go about doing things.

Not only will you show the woman that you are confident, you will also show her that you don’t need her attention. Teasing is a good start but it only works well if used in tandem with other methods.

Flirting Technique #2 – Playful Touching

Touching is another and great way to communicate your interest to someone, though most men are almost incapable of doing so. You can start out by touching her when you sit near her, giving half hugs, or simply brushing against her. If she is comfortable with this, then you may actually be halfway there. To make sure she is truly comfortable with it you might try touching her hands or even her hair. If you make it to this point then yes, she is interested in you.

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Flirting Technique #3 – Facial Expressions

Smiling too much may suggest to her that you are too much of a nice guy even if that is not true. You could however try using smirks, winks, and other subtle expressions. These show that you have some type of substance, and that there I more to you than meets the eye. In this case it’s not about what you’re telling her so much as it is what you’re NOT telling her. When it comes to flirting with girls, curiosity can be an extremely powerful tool if used properly.

Flirting Technique #4 – Subtle Sexuality

There is a cultural stereotype going around that states women do not enjoy sex. The truth is that they’re not quite as comfortable talking about it as men are, and when you talk to them directly about sexuality, they may shy away. What you can do however is use subtle sexual communication which will make her wonder if you are actually talking about sex at all. On some subconscious level she will understand of course, and this form of flirting will push you light years ahead of the competition.